Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Unwanted Dark Circles

So far, this is the best concealor that I have found and I have tried a lot. I went to Sephora yesterday and spent about an hour there just focusing on concealor just for undereyes. My good friend had recommended one to me but I had to see what else was out there first and I wasn't satisfied with what I was currently using. The problem during the winter is that many people's eye areas gets dry and a lot of undereye concealors are very drying and matte which can actually make the eye areas even more dry and also accentuate the lines around the eyes.

The undereye concealor that I went with was Laura Mercier's "Secret Concealor" which you can check out on her website: http://www.lauramercier.com/store/shop/Concealers_Secret-Concealer_prod220006. I liked this concealor best because it is super creamy, non-drying and also has a little bit of irridesence to it. It actually brightens the eye area.

When applying concealor I not only put it under my eyes but I also put a little bit on the inner corner of my top lid as well (just depends on how bad they are looking). Just be careful when applying, because you don't want to end up with the raccoon look. Lastly, when applying this particular concealor, I prefer using a concealor brush (see image below) but you can also use your finger, however the only downside to that is that you will probably use more product and also germs.

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