Thursday, January 20, 2011

Natural yet Defined Eyebrows

My latest great product find has been the Highlighting Brow Kit by Anastasia and it can be found on her website She actually has a ton of fabulous eyebrow products and she has, by far, made the best products, yet, for the eyebrows. They stay put all day and are not like regular powder eyeshadows. This particular product is a shadow for filling in the eyebrows without looking to fake or dark. There are three shades, so the kit is suitable for blondes and brunettes, but maybe not redheads. It also comes with a highlighting trio on the right side that is great for giving your brow an arch. Lastly, you can use all of the colors for eyeshadows.

MAKE-UP TIP: When filling in your eyebrows use a lighter shade on the inner part (closer to the nose and where they are thicker) and a darker shade as they thin out.

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